Trend Sigma – Trading System

Trend Sigma – Trading System

The BEST Trading System

Financial markets are basically a zero-sum game. Everybody tries to win, but the cake is not infinitely big and the market adapts ghostly to the group of winners that has become too large, leveling their advantage down.

Yet, for a small minority there is a way to consistently escape the crunching mechanisms of the markets. In order to get an impression of what that could be, let’s have a look at a chart of one of the recent stars of the stock market:

During its steep ascent the price of Hansen Natural’s stock got multiplied by a factor of about 100 in a matter of only 3 years. This is of course hindsight and I presented on purpose an impressive example, but the chart demonstrates something.

It shows directly that you could have made hundredfold back of what you invested. Stocks often have large moves, much bigger than the ones of commodities or currencies. But at risk would have been only the investment itself. This asymmetry clearly favors stocks over all other financial instruments. Their leverage is no compensation for the asymmetric price behavior the stock investor enjoys. Trading on margin with Forex or futures can let the account go below zero, which is simply a linear and not a logarithmic growth behavior. Options have a premium that decreases over time, which destroys the advantage their non-linear pricing pretends to offer at a first glance.

But there is something else. The multiplying happened with a trend that went straight up and was almost always at its current high. In such a situation the market forces that are playing against the small trader are diminished….

Most traders, and investors even more, are not aware that a price at the high is a different situation than a price elsewhere. Generally, it is a signal for more of the same to come and not for a retreat, as it may look to so many. It is an exceptional situation, indicating that there is a force hindering the price to swing back, which it normally would do.

Still, trading is what it used to be, a statistical game. There are situations near the high where the odds are skewed to your favor, but you must be able to identify them and to behave methodically. In other words, to exploit this exception, a trading system is necessary.

Possibly interested in this system could be trend followers and swing traders, but also investors who want to pursue a more active approach in the market. It may be also valuable for day traders, even if they are not willing to use the longer-term components of the system. But who knows, perhaps one or the other of them will finally find out where the real money is.

Trade the best trends there are. As Darvas put it more than 50 years ago: “There was nothing else for me to do while Texas Instruments, Zenith Radio and Fairchild Camera went to work for me”.

This trading system is available as an eBook, which is written in a focused style and aims to be a thorough explanation of the system and a manual or checklist for day-to-day use. I don’t repeat much, if anything, and I don’t start with the basics. You should have already at least some trading experience. Any successful trading system requires a user willing to invest some work into understanding and executing it. This trading system can lead to outstanding results, but it is not the magic formula that makes everyone rich by producing infallible buy and sell signals. If you have already traded, you know that there is no such thing. It also should be clear that it can’t exist for logical reasons.

The eBook has almost 120 pages and comes as a digital product, namely a PDF file, which can be viewed with any modern PDF reader like the one from Adobe. You can also print it out or read it with accessibility tools.

Interest in fast moving stocks is an indicator that this system is right for you. If you are a convinced value investor, it may only suit you if you are willing to experiment. Of course, you are welcome to try it.

Many investors changed successfully their trading mind. As I mentioned before, if you like Forex, futures or options more than stocks,

I strongly urge you to do so anyway.

In case you want to have this system, you can get it right now. Immediately after your buy, which is securely processed by Clickbank, you will get your personal download link from where you can download the eBook. There will be an email address for possible download problems. Clickbank has also a 60-day return policy and processes all refunding requests. So you can rest assured that you are exploring an investment with some intrinsic security right now.

Make the right investment now and transform yourself into a successful true trend trader.

P.S. If you are hesitating, read this

Trend Sigma – Trading System

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