Rural Internet Access 5G Provider

Rural wireless internet done right! Having the DSL or satellite internet blues? Slow internet is not only sad, but also just downright bad. Living with slow internet speeds can be a thing of the past if know your rural internet options.

rural internet access options
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Here are some more details about this rural internet offer.

  • You will be provided with a wireless internet system with dual band WiFi and up to 5 gigabit ethernet ports
  • The data option 1; use your own current data plan
  • The data option 2; the house “unlimited” data plan
  • 24-hour 7 day a week connection monitoring
  • Complete automated data use monitoring
  • One-on-one US based personal customer assist
  • Support by SMS text phone and email
  • Simple rural internet access plans starting at $55

The mission of WiFi Delivered (WD) is very simple. We take the guesswork out of getting customers like you online and keeping them online 24/7. Then strive to provide honest and pleasant customer support.

WD was created so you can wander around in your RV or have stationary 5G /LTE rural internet at your home, business or even the barn. WD takes the guesswork out of the Rural Internet Access Provider and keeps you connected.

Remote Connectivity Solutions Rural Internet Provider

WD is always looking for ways to better serve their customers. Whether it is one-on-one USA based support or the latest 5G / LTE technology. WD constantly trying to evolve their customer experience.

  • Company provided and updated router hardware
  • Managed and reported 5g / LTE data usage
  • Lifetime router equipment coverage and core updates
  • Very, very simple to use internet service
  • Fully trained US based customer service
  • Private data plan – NO overpriced shyster resellers
  • Optional rural internet data plan sourcing
best rural internet provider

Visit Wifi Delivered today and see what real customer service is and get connected with the Rural Internet Access 5G Provider!

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