Get real savings on your electricity bill

Tyranny Liberator – Get real savings on your electricity bill

Real savings on your electricity bill at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Attention: For people looking to save on the electricity bill…

Turn on your speakers & watch the video below:

Warning: This Technology Has Been Kept Guarded By Electric Car Manufacturers In The Past

But now the secret is out and I show you how to cut at least 70% of the power bill.

(HINT: Not related to solar panels or anything you ever seen before)

I’ve created this page to explain how one could take advantage of technology and produce their own energy. Here’s a summary on what will be covered:

The questions above are the reason most would not consider building this device anytime soon…

Hi, I am Michael Morris, and in this video presentation, you’re going to learn about a secret that has been kept out of the public eyes for over 20 years.

Did you know that a regular solar panel has between 15 to 20% efficiency for converting sun energy into electricity? That means 80 to 85% of the potential power is wasted.

Back in 1995, Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems (ISE) discovered a new type of solar cell, called High Efficiency Concentrated Photovoltaic cell, for short HCPV. It has a fancy name, and that’s because it’s 500 times more efficient than the silicon-based solar cells. A regular 6-foot solar panel compacted in only half of the inch square.

ISE has created highly classified reports, showing that this technology is far superior to regular solar panels. It’s cheaper to produce, and it takes a fraction of the space a regular PV panel occupies. The new solar panel technology should’ve changed the electricity production industry, making it affordable for anyone, producing hundreds of times more electricity than conventional solar panels. The cost per KW/hour dropping to pennies.

Instead, the military only had access to this technology, keeping it a secret from the rest of the world.

This old but what appears to be new to us technology has surfaced to me after a tragic event in my life which happened 20 years ago.

The reason for telling you this story is that in those documents which Brian left behind, was written detailed schematics and reports made by ISE.

The very same classified reports I told you about at the beginning of the video.

This classified information is not available in any public archive even after 20 years.

I am not an engineer by any means, so I showed these plans to a friend of mine, who convinced me to display this video to the entire world. I was a bit afraid at the beginning that the people smelling like chemicals might return, but that was 20 years ago, and I took the right precautions before revealing this video.

We got in touch with a company from China, we sent them a copy of the blueprints, and they begin producing those cells, Chinese companies do not care about the source of the designs as long as they are making money.

After a year of obsessive research, studying, designing, and making prototypes… I finally created an electricity storage box so elegantly simple… Every American could easily put one in their home.

I named it “Tyranny Liberator” . It’s based on a technology found in the newest electric cars, which allows storying large amounts of electricity in a small space safely.

The Tyranny Liberator Guide & Video Tutorials

How to build your tyranny liberator on a budget

With the detailed Video Tutorials and PDF Books,

You’ll learn step-by-step how to build the tyranny liberator, cutting at least 70% of your power bill.

Literally anyone can build this.

When I was making your blueprint, your materials lists, and your start-to-finish video guides, I pictured it was for my 5 year old boy.

That meant it had to be SO simple, so PAINLESS, that even he could build the tyranny liberator setup in a matter of hours.

Here’s what the tyranny liberator guide includes:

Most important thing for every project is knowing what tools and materials are required.

This will cut the endless trips made to the hardware store.

Assembling The Cell Modules

If you ever assembled lego before, this step is very similar and fun to do…

You will learn how to find which cells can still be used and which ones are dead and unusable.

Usually more than 85% of the cells can be reused successfully.

Assembling a battery management system

You get to learn how to safely charge and discharge these cells by using the right system which automatically takes care of charging the modules with the right voltage.

“This video guide represents over 2 years of experience using the tyranny liberator. It’s the result of my countless mistakes and lessons-learned-the-hard-way”

The Tyranny Liberator is a comprehensive system giving you everything you need to save on your power bill in a matter of days…

You’re going to skip through the mistakes I’ve already made and cost me hundreds of dollars.

You get access to a step-by-step video guide and PDF files which will show exactly how to build this device that’s going to help reducing your energy bills.

Claim Your Tyranny Liberator Video Guides Today!

At this point you likely realize how game-changing the Tyranny Liberator is.

And you probably also want to know how much you have to invest to get the step-by-step video guides and blueprints which will allow you to build it yourself…

Right now, you’re just a few clicks away from getting a complete, exclusive guide to building your own tyranny liberator, cheaply and quickly…

Three years from now, you’ll either be glad you decided to grab your Tyranny Liberator guide… or you’ll be wishing you had!

Place your order below and get started on your box in the next 5 minutes…

Here’s What You’re Getting:

Get Instant Access Right Now

This is a special launch offer price and I reserve the right to end it anytime.

Since I want you to be confident about this, I’m giving you my

Legally Binding 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Look, I understand if you’re still reluctant to click the Add To Cart button above. You’re probably thinking, “What if this guide is just another ripoff where I get a useless PDF telling me to change my light bulbs into more efficient LED ones?”

But there’s still a BIG part of you which feels that this guide is something else entirely.

Maybe it’s because I’m a 20-year veteran mechanic, or maybe it’s because you’ve seen enough to sense wheter someone is being sincere or not.

Usually there are 2 options, trust and risk getting screwed… or not trust and risk missing out on vital information and resources that could help building your tyranny liberator.

But, let me tell you there’s a third option:

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with The Tyranny Liberator Videos and PDF Guides…

… maybe you decide that this is not for you

… if for some reason you don’t save DRASTICALLY on your next power bill

… or even if you only save 17% and wanted to save more

Simply send me an email and I’ll refund your purchase IMMEDIATELY…

no questions asked and no hassles given…

So really, there is no downside here…

“You Can’t Lose With This Deal…

Make Money By Saving Money”

Those parts are important, but there’s more to it than that…

It’s about providing for those you love.

Of reclaiming what’s yours as an American… the unalienable right of freedom. It’s about not being a slave, or being controlled and manipulated by profit-hungry monopolies.

And  able to hedge against both, the rapidly rising cost of energy, and the rapidly declining stability of the US society.

It is your chance to be your own man, a leader who protects, defends, and keeps safe all the ones he cares for…

Now you have a choice to make.

Given everything you’ve seen here today… along with my money back guarantee… I think it’s an easy choice.

Getting the exact materials list and guidance to put everything together is priceless for any DIY project.

This is something to jump on for any serious DIY’er!

So click the orange button below now
to get Tyranny Liberator

Your payment is secured and guaranteed!

Build Your Tyranny Liberator Today

This is a special launch offer price and I reserve the right to end it anytime.

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Tyranny Liberator – Get real savings on your electricity bill

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